Schaeffers Garment Hotel & The Denim Repair Shop

Here you have another blog on the internet. Well since this is the first entry let me tell everyone who we are and what we do. I am the owner of a clothing store in Los Angeles that is a known vintage re-creation company, and seller of new garments that make since with old union made pieces from 1920s-1960s. We also have a company called The Denim Repair Shop that specializes in Denim repair, alteration, customizing and indigo dying. I ran Denim Doctors in Los Angeles for 4 years before opening my own store that fits with my vison and goal. To which is having great quality pieces mixed with new that compliment each other. All of our vintage garments and goods are altered in house to uphold to modern standards. So thats what I do but our blog is much more than that. I will be doing posts and pics of all the things I see in my adopted town of Los Angeles that amaze, inspire, or just plain out make me laugh. So hope this becomes as a cool of a blog to go to as some of my favorites are to me.[gallery link="file"]