Another rainy day in Los Angeles

Well here we are in another dreary and wet rainy day in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a very funny city when it rains, people are so used to the 75 degree constant weather that no one goes out when it rains. Well I feel it is the opposite for me, when it rains all I want to do is hit up all my favorite places to shop and thrift stores especially. Maybe it is cause I am from Houston Texas where it rains 65% of the year or maybe it seems like a perfect time to take advantage of the no traffic situation. Well since I am here at my store today I am going to just post some random pictures of things I saw in the last few months. I hope this can be interesting to some of you LA natives sitting in your house worried about melting away in the rain. All jokes aside... there is some interesting pictures in this post so enjoy![gallery link="file" columns="2"]