Schaeffer's Garment Hotel Presents Mr. Slim & Mrs. Minks

So here at S.G.H we have LOVE OUR DOGS and have them at the store all day. The only thing is they are really mean looking pitbulls, but they are the sweetest animals you will ever meet. I have de-trained pits for 15 years on the side and have seen about 30 dogs go through my hands. I have never been eaten alive and I have rescued some risky pits over the years. I have not found one dog that does not change when love and boundarys are given and showed consistantly. I own two in Los Angeles and two in Texas with my great loving mother. I invite anyone in Los Angeles to come and meet Mr. Slim and Minky, as you would fall in love with them. So thats a piece of my life and one thing that I love greatly! Here are some pics of the kids, enjoy!! To adopt or rescue a dog please contact the local animal control center, SPCA, Humane Sociaty, before paying money for one. Its better to adopt and save a life. All of my dogs are purebreads and they all have come from the pound.

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