So.. Mr. Gunner Foxx creates all his hat dream in my shop on Sunset for all his films and private customers. Gunner is known throughout the who's who's as the one and only old school hat maker. When I say hat maker, I mean a true hat maker that uses no machines and makes hats from scratch with elbow grease and steam. Gunner is such a great guy and he is a big part of the family here at Schaeffers Garment Hotel. We support what he is doing and he in turns makes hats exclusively for our store. All of his hats are made for film or people he has met along the way in the music and entertainment industry. His craft is a dying art but he makes you wonder why. Watching him hand shape and sew up hat after hat while making everyone different just plains amazes me and for the record I was not a hat guy untill I met him. So what we did was this, I took pictures of the hat from each stage in color wearing, to cutting, shaping, and so on. There are a lot of pictures here so I hope everyone can see a piece of what he does. If anyone wants a hat email us here or go to our website for more information. Enjoy....[gallery link="file" columns="4"] .