What a Hat Maker has under his Top Hat

Our resident Hat Maker Mr. Gunner Foxx wears a top hat every day and I always wonder what if anything does he have under his hat. Back in the day gentlemen carried all kinds of things under there hats. The law abiding citizens had their items and the non law abiding .. well they carried different items. So I finally got him to give me the goods and low down. Well he pulled out three items: a late 1800's razor, Murreys Hair Pomade, and some old bottle of mystery fluid. He goes on to tell me that the Murreys hair product is current hair product that is sold at any drug store and has been since 1929. He says that it keeps his hair nice and tight under his hat for when he has to take it off. The razor from the the 1800's is for on the spot brim trimming, and the mystery fluid is a just that.. a mystery. I am not sure if it cologne or hat stuff but if he carries it it must be important.[gallery link="file" columns="2"]