May 6th Store Party featuring Honey Child

This past Thursday was our 4th monthly event and it was absolutely spectacular! There was around 300 people that showed up throughout the night to enjoy the great festivities provided by "THE GREASY WIENER", "HONEY CHILD", and the pre-sale before the show. The Greasy Wiener is an up and coming curbside service truck that provide delicious hotdogs, and well the name is just hilarious! You can find them on twitter, facebook, or youtube.  As for Honey Child, this was there second show here and they killed it once again! This band will be at coachella next year so any chance you get to hear them play I strongly suggest going. Our store photographer Myles Blankenship captured the great vibe we had going at the store and throughout the show. Hope to see you at our next event! Photographed by :

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