If you have been in my store and talked to me then you know that I am a pit bull activist and rescurer. I have rescued over 30 beat up and abused pit bull's and have re-habilitaed and found homes for all of them. I always have my two dogs at my store and anyone whom has seen them knows how loving and great they are to people another dogs. Well, one of my customers knows my history with rescuing pit bulls and has come to me with an urgent matter he needs help with. His dog Mr. Tixos, (pronounced Tiso) is in immediate need of a new home within the next 6-8 days. He has had Tixos since he was a puppy for the last 2 years and he is a wonderful and loving dog that anyone would love to be around. My customer is heartbroken but is having to leave the country immediately and will not be able to take Mr. Tixos with him so I am trying to find him a good, non aggressive loving home to be adopted to. I will also help with Mr. Tixos in adjusting to his new owners, household and any other pets that the new owners might have. If I cannot find a home for him I will look to find a foster home if I cannot foster him myself. My household and schedule is full with two dogs already so if any one is interested in adopting him or would like to see him I am overseeing his adoption and would love to show him any time this week or weekend. If you are not able to adopt or foster then please send this link to anyone you know that might be looking for a dog or has experience with fostering animals. Thank you for taking the time to read this long email and we hope to see you in the store soon!

Robert Schaeffer