Hello everyone, we now are using a shuttle loom spun denim from Kaihara mill in Japan and we have about 50 pairs left in our store fro sale. This run was excellent and we made a few adjustments to the pattern to overcome some issues of fit preference from last run with the Italian denim. We made about 150 pairs and have sold all but about 50 units. I want to go with Kaihara Denim for all of our runs from now on if we are able to secure the fabric of our choice. Being a small manufacture and store there are great rewards but the downside is its hard to get the smaller run of fabric that we need instead of buying a large amount. I know that in time we will have 5-10k yards on hand at all times but as of now we are focused on getting what we need and making sure that the fit and end product is way above quality and fit expectations. If anyone has purchased any denim from us then you know that we go to extreme lengths to make sure that each and every pair fits to your liking and we back all of our denim with a guarantee and re-fitting offered with in the first year for free to you the customer. So until the next main fabric is secured we have a small amount left for sale, please contact us if you are intested in a pair or just want to know more about our denim and company. We do have 45 year old Cone denim that is un-used, but we have enough to make about 45 pairs so it will be released when we want to do a special project later on this year. Our black Japanese 13oz has also sold well but we purchased more that the blue being there was more available. We have a good run of about15 pieces in each size for purchase. I have put some pictures of the denim here until our photo shoot is done this weekend. Enjoy and remember to contact us below for any questions or purchase information. Schaeffers Garment Hotel


Robert Schaeffer