Cleaned, Blocked, and Ready to Wear!

I've had my hat for over a year now, and have worn it just about everyday. So finally gave it to Mr. Gunner Foxx to get a great Clean & Block so it could be back to its perfect form again. I wish I would have taken a picture before to do the Clean & Block more justice but you're just going to have to go off my word. The pinch wear I grab my hat was black! You couldn't even see the original color of the brown felt! So you can imagine my surprise when I get my hat back today and its like day 1 all over again! Also, just for good measure Gunner changed my brim from a straight brim with a swoop to a pencil rolled straight brim. The great thing about this is that he can do this with just about any hat! So if you have a hat that you don't wear much anymore because its seen better days bring it to the shop and let him work his magic!