Schaeffers Garment Hotel Denim Repair Shop is a full denim repair and alteration facility in house since 2009. We specialize in full invisible repair, custom patch repair, standard denim patch repair with invisible stich, grandma stich or artistian stich. There is no type repair that we will turn away unless its the incorrect way of doing the repair. We also do full alteration and customizing fitting to the customers request. This includes original hem replacement, chainstiching, leg tapering, waist and seat reduction, zipper repair, button repair,  waist lowering or any other alteration that you can think of we can do.

We manufacture our brand to our patterned fits and then offer two custom tailorings for each pair sold. 

• First fitting is to offer a custom fit at the point of purchase to insure the denim is specific to the customers body type.

• Second fitting is to re-fit any areas that have stretched over time.

The second fitting is to be completed within the first year of purchase. We also offer free damage repair for the first year of ownership, after which if any repair is needed we will discount the cost and repair in our denim repair shop.